Ever wonder what the reason is for the cosmetic issues you’re having? You’ve tried surface products and even asked your doctors for more serious remedies but nothing seems to work?! Ever wonder what is going on with your body? Below are some examples of skin, hair and body problems directly relate to hormone imbalances!

  • Acne
  • Melasma (dark areas on face)
  • Oily skin
  • Thinning skin
  • Thin hair or hair loss
  • Excess face/body hair
  • Weak nails
  • Stubborn Belly fat/Stubborn Weight

These conditions are ALL connected to one simple hormone imbalance–high cortisol (stress hormone) which then causes lower progesterone, eventually lowering our estrogen over time (especially for older women). This scenario will also cause issues with your mood, sleep and cause more PMS or menopausal symptoms.

The Breakdown

  1. The high cortisol causes thinning, saggy, lackluster skin and weak / brittle nails and contributes to thinning hair.
  2. The low progesterone and in relation to your estrogen causes: Stubborn Belly fat/Weight gain, bloating, melisma.
  3. The lower estrogen over time in relation your testosterone causes thinning hair, excess body/facial hair and acne.

The SOLUTION can be as simple as naturally balancing your hormones

  • Increase natural progesterone with a natural cream daily on your inner arms (make sure it says to sue on thin skinned areas, that is how you know it is a trans-dermal and will not build up in your system).
  • Support the stress response of the body (adrenal gland)with herbs such as ginseng or maca. These will balance cortisol and allow female hormones to balance with male hormones.
  • Practice “sound-wave” therapy 20 min daily with a relaxation CD to lower cortisol. This special technology will feel like a 2 hour nap! (brainsync.com).
  • Lower stimulants you normally consume such as caffeine, alcohol and sugar/starch to balance your blood sugar, lower cortisol. Maybe slowly wean off or just one week, you will feel better as well with much more energy.

With the above solutions you can for sure avoid using estrogen and testosterone as these can be risky long-term and exacerbate acne, oily skin and weight gain.

You deserve to look your best and let your natural feminine beauty come through. Your hormones should work to your advantage, not detract from your inner beauty. So let your skin, hair and figure be the best they can be and with natural hormone balance.

To see if you have a hormone imbalance and how bad it is, go tobebalancedcenters.com to take our free survey. To read more in-depth on this topic thehormoneshift.com