Dawn M. Cutillo
Natural Hormone Therapy Practitioner
Speaker / Author
Founder of BeBalanced Franchise

Dawn Cutillo is the owner of a successful holistic health center outside of Philadelphia called BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers, now being franchised throughout the country. With 25 locations and what Entrepreneur magazine named  their top trending franchises in 2020, BeBalanced has helped over 50,000 women.

She’s also the author of The Hormone Shift which has received many 5 star reviews on Amazon.

Dawn has been a guest on national daytime talk shows, magazine & news programs on issues of hormone health, anti-aging, sexuality, weight loss, detoxification and stress management.  She’s appeared on CBS The Doctors, The Meredith Vieira Show, Daytime, Fox, & Tribune. Dawn was also a monthly guest on the Fox affiliate Philadelphia station WFYL, The Balanced Life show. Her message of balancing hormones in a safe and natural way is empowering to women who have been frustrated with the lack of medical and holistic answers on issues of stubborn weight as well as PMS and menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes etc.

Ms.Cutillo has been in the health field for over 35 years, concentrating in the area of holistic help for women dealing with stubborn weight and hormone imbalances. Cutillo’s passion and devotion aided her in developing a unique methodology called “natural hormone balancing” started after she spotted a disturbing trend with women over 35 struggling to lose weight, even with diet and exercise.

As a result, Dawn started a unique hormone balancing weight loss program called “Becoming Balanced” that specifically targets imbalanced levels of estrogen and progesterone as well as cortisol and insulin. These hormones must be regulated as women approach menopause and is the key to a balanced life. The program’s remarkable success has helped thousands of women drop pounds while also reducing painful and annoying PMS & menopausal symptoms.

The Becoming Balanced program is now nationally operating through franchise locations called BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers. (BeBalancedCenters.com). In 2013 Dawn partnered to franchise and since then, they have opened 25 franchise locations on the East coast and a few out West. There are now even two location as far as California. They continue to expand the franchise locations across the country, which consistently aid women all over to balance their hormones for weight, mood, sleep and health issues.

In 2009, Dawn spearheaded a breast cancer research study showing a link between hormone imbalance and breast cancer. The study was published in the September 2012 issue of the Original Internist.

In 2022 Dawn received a PATENT for her innovative product called Rejuv, vaginal lubricant and moisturizer, which is estrogen free. This DHEA based product is safe for breast cancer survivors, BRCA gene carriers and those with a history of breast cancer in their family. The blend of ingredients are meant to not only prevent vaginal dryness and painful intercourse but to provide a non-toxic alternative OTC lubricant and to slow aging and atrophy of the vaginal area.

Available for TV Bookings

Dawn makes good TV. Her passion is contagious and her knowledge in this uncharted area of women’s hormone health is fascinating. She can be flexible I her schedule and is very professional to work with. She has done several nation shows and can hold her own with doubters in the medical or fitness community due to her specialized experience with empirical evidence with over 5000 female clients and over 50,000 national client through her franchise locations. She also is not simply book smart but has spent time in her own research (published) while working with a clinical nutritionist, lab scientist and chemist.

Dawn Cutillo earned a Bachelor of Science degree in health and nutrition from Messiah College in 1988 and has gone on to work under specialized hormone researchers and a chemist to produce supplements and protocols for natural hormone balance.

Dawn Cutillo Founder & Developer BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers

484 Royer Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601 717.569.3040  www.BeBalancedCenters.com

My Inspiration & Mentor:

My 92 year old friend, Patricia Joan Austin, who carries a double Phd, continues to impart her wisdom to me from 60 years of counseling teaching me about life, love, success and spirituality!

Dawn’s Philosophy on food…it fuels our body but it is one of the pleasures of life—but not my main pleasure!

Eat good 80% of the time…and make it taste good!

Splurge 20% of the time and taste each morsel (never binge eat)

ALWAYS be on the lookout for tasty, clean snack foods to sneak into movie theatres!

A few of my favorite things…

Self-care, pets/animals, dancing, dress-up parties, spending time with friends, reading, epiphanies, writing poetry and articles on health, spirituality and relationships…

Whether lecturing, doing TV, creating new products, seeing the results of my methodology in clients, I am so thankful and honored to be able to serve the many women that are doing the hardest job in the world, being mothers to the next generation. I work hard but I tell people when you find your passion it’s not work at all.

Someone once said, “When you are creating, your energy is in alignment with God, the ultimate creator.” I love to create and it can even be addicting. Whether it’s making up new formulations for products, creating new protocols and coursework for BeBalanced and my clients or creating theme parties for friends that have fun and ceremonial aspects to them, these all allow my creativity to flow. I believe women should encourage each other’s creative processes and gatherings around spiritual and female themes are a meaningful way of doing that!

Goddess Theme Party

Winter Solstice Ritual Party

Ancient CACAO Ceremony

I also have the philosophy of “work hard-play hard”. So whether it’s a grounding beach get-away, dressing up for Halloween, spending time with children or pets/animals, I know the importance of filling up your tank with positive people and activities to keep you balanced. Giving is great but feeling back up is vital to health and happiness long term.

I believe a spiritual foundation is so important because it puts us in the right energy space to face life. Everything is energy, even our bodies so when we remember our spirit and where we came from it grounds us to live this temporary but exciting life here on this Earth!

Always remember as a woman you have a unique divine feminine power that doesn’t always require “doing” but simply “being”. You are whole and enough and your spirit is simply waiting for you to recognize that.

Some say life is short and in your life you are the star… but I say you are the “Rock star” and can rock-out and dance to the tune you decide to make, because your self-expression in this world deserves a stage!

Just Be U…. Unapologetic in your Uniqueness and you will be Unstoppable!