I started working in the health field 35 years ago with a goal of simply wanting to help women lose weight, get fit, eat better and be healthier. I ran the nutrition and personal training for a very large fitness center and eventually started to see that women who were dieting and exercising were not losing weight efficiently. I was facing some similar challenges myself as I was approaching forty at that time.

So I began doing more research into how stress and stress hormones effected sex hormones causing not only pesky PMS and upsetting menopausal symptoms but also stubborn weight which really bothered women the most! I found a clinical nutritionist/hormone specialist and studied and did lab work reviews under him and his chemist.

I was able to use this new knowledge when I started doing some consulting for a women’s weight loss franchise. I learned that other factors, besides diet and exercise, came into play for weight loss especially around menopause.

Therefore, I decided to add a hormonal component to my programs at the fitness center and suggested them for this women’s weight loss franchise. The results were fast and amazing!

I fine-tuned this protocol and called the methodology, “natural hormone balancing” and implemented it at my own center, called The Rejuvenation Center, for several years after leaving the fitness center to specialize in hormone balancing.

After hundreds of successful clients, we decided to franchise this methodology via BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers. Currently we have 25 locations and the goal is to have this program available to all women in the country even if they do appointments virtually!

BeBalanced is positioned between what your physician would tell you and what you might learn in a typical health club. It is the missing link of holistic information that allows you to achieve the full results you deserve in an efficient way.

BeBalanced’s methodology is unique in that it addresses inadequacies in both the weight loss and hormone replacement therapy industries via our unique protocol formed into a simple program called “Becoming Balanced”.

We are a non-medical solution to hormone-related issues that millions of women in the 35+ demographic struggle with, like insomnia, hot flashes, and anxiety.

Simply put, we have tied key hormone imbalances with an individual’s inability to lose stubborn weight, and have created a solution which allows women (and men too!) to lose unnecessary fat quickly and safely! Additionally, we have developed a program to ensure that women keep their weight off, and their irritating hormone related symptoms at bay.

To find out more about our Becoming Balanced Program, the foundation of our centers, go to bebalancedcenters.com. Check out the locations page to see if there is a BeBalanced center in your area.

A Non-Medical Solution to a Moderns Woman’s Struggles…stubborn weight, mood and sleep issues!

BeBalanced takes the guesswork out of
women’s Weight Loss & Wellness!

The topic of “hormones” is hot in the media, as evidenced by my ongoing appearances on national TV. Please see media page for short education clips that may help you decide if BeBalanced is for you

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