The Hormone Shift

I loved writing this book and have updated it twice. My goal was to take the seemingly difficult and confusing topic of hormones and simplify it.  I believe this is a must read for every woman who wants to understand the delicate balance of her body’s hormones in a modern world.

There is no denying that hormones affect every aspect of our lives as women. I believe every woman deserves to truly understand the basic hormone principles that will empower her to look and feel her best at any age. The Hormone Shift guides women though every age and every stage of her hormones from puberty to postmenopausal. This lays the foundation for them to live their best life naturally without risks or side effects of the birth control pill, blood sugar, thyroid and psychotropic medications, to name a few!

Logic and science have been stressed throughout each chapter while getting to the heart of the serious concerns of American women. I believe the information in The Hormone Shift will resonate with you because deep inside (your intuition) you knew this to be true all along. It will offer an “aha moment” in each chapter.

I’ve been thankful for great feedback on my book on Amazon. Many women say that it validates how they felt about their stubborn weight and PMS/Menopause symptoms when their doctor and family didn’t seem to understand.

Some of what you will learn…

  • How stress can throw off hormone balance and cause weight gain and PMS/Menopausal symptoms
  • What distinct symptoms are related to specific hormone imbalances
  • Why thyroid medications can actually cause weight gain, not facilitate weight loss as we are told.
  • How hormones effect brain chemicals causing anxiety/depression/bi-polar and how to balance them naturally.
  • How hormones affect hair as you age and how to slow thinning and loss.
  • A simple 30 day protocol that will not only allow for 15-20 lb loss but dramatically improve all PMS/Menopausal symptoms.

Happy reading…
education is power!

Nearly everything Dawn said about hormone imbalances were things I experienced…and many still am…I thank her with all my heart for pointing me in the right direction for the relief for which I’ve been searching for so long…I’ve been on her protocol for only two weeks and am beginning to feel better already…THANK YOU DAWN

Naomi Purul

I watched her two months ago on Fox News and just had a D&C. It make so much sense to me that I bought a book and realize what was my problem. I bought the creams and I had a call consult with Dawn. It was wonderful. Now that I have been for two weeks into the creams I can tell that I had lost at least 5 pounds. Have a lot of energy and back to normal like I always been before. I bought 4 books and gave to friends. I really recommend this book and tbe program.

Susana Rogers

A well- written book. The author does a great job of de-mystifying the whole bioidentical/natural progesterone therapies. I had so many questions regarding bioidenticals, which were answered in this book. Every woman should read this!

Ruth - via Amazon

Chapter 1

This chapter is a simple explanation of all the basic sex and stress hormones to help you understand how hormones can negatively affect your mood, weight and health when their delicate balance is thrown off by stress.

Chapter 2

I discuss where traditional Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and the more natural bio- identical hormone therapy (promoted by Suzanne Somers in her books) are described and their use for relief of menopausal symptoms along with outlining the possible risks and dangerous side effects.
A comparison is then made between these commonly prescribed hormone therapies and natural hormone balancing which can aid stubborn weight loss and relieve symptoms quickly, without side effects!

Chapter 3

I review how stubborn, “hormone related” weight gain that creeps up on women as they approach forty. The sub-clinical issues, that your doctor may not catch, are identified are addressed. Homeopathic glandulars along with a lower calorie ketogenic (fat burning) diet are explored as a groundbreaking solution to reset the metabolism for these pre- and post-menopausal women who struggle with these issues.

Chapter 4

I emphasize the little known connection between imbalanced female hormones and clinical thyroid issues as well as the more common sub-clinically inefficient thyroid gland. Solutions and tips to naturally balance hormones are addressed and factored into the use of thyroid medications, which many times are lowered (or no longer needed) due to the thyroid balancing.

Chapter 5

I cover the growing use of the birth control pill (BCP) being used over many years to aid in PMS/menopausal symptoms and the long-term issues and dangers involed. The low-level synthetic hormones in the BCP can be easily replaced with a truly natural, safe solution that can be used long-term even when the BCP is being used to prevent pregnancy.

Chapter 6

Explores how the growing use of strong psychotropic drugs as a “cure” for mood swings and feelings of depression/anxiety is not as effective as balancing the underlying cause of mood issues; the hormones. Methods for dealing with “adrenal exhaustion”, that always goes along with mood disorders, is the foundation for balancing the hormones results in more consistent and uplifted moods issues resulting in a true feeling of balance in the body and mind.

Chapter 7

I look into anti-aging hormonal care due to how stress, sugar, poor nutrition and toxins actually speeding up the aging process. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) can be supplemented in a homeopathic form along with simple lifestyle changes can act as a final finishing touch to sex and stress “hormone balance” presented in the preceding chapters.

Chapter 8

I share simple steps used by the author in her Pennsylvania center to rebalance hormones for fast improvements in mood, weight and health. These solutions have no risks and have worked for thousands of women who have dealt with stubborn weight, thyroid issues, hot flashes/night sweats, poor moods, insomnia etc.  Many testimonials are shared to inspire you to change your life through natural hormone balancing!

Chapter 9

Hair loss/thinning in women is explored in this chapter due to it being a growing epidemic in our country. Current hair loss solutions on the market are explored while going more in depth on the cause of hair loss connected to stress and age. Solutions such as increasing microcirculation via a low sugar diet, using topical therapies, adopting simple stress management techniques and balancing sex and stress hormone are presented for the results you will love seeing in the mirror.