Rejuv & Revive!

Introducing… your VAGINA’s 2 new best friends!

Rejuv & Revive!



Increase moisture
inside & outside…

…for comfort
and better sex!


We got it covered!

Lubricate, moisturize & revitalize vaginal walls at the same time!


Introducing… Rejuv

…the first patented, estrogen-free, vaginal lubricant that serves as a vaginal moisturizer and rejuvenator every time you use it… with or without your partner!

  • Reverse your vaginal dryness
  • Rejuvenate your vaginal walls
  • Reduce UTI’s or yeast infections associated with sexual activity
  • Improve your orgasms

You can have all this in one patented product…

For an informative video on the Rejuv application process, click here


Overall hormone balance* determines sexual response and production of natural moisture. Rejuv was created to augment foundational hormone balance by offering a topical lubricant to aid in the moment. This lubricant can also be used as a moisturizer between sexual encounters to help restore the tissue, even aiding circulation and the nerves that are connected to orgasm.

Since intimacy can often be connected with additional UTIs and candida, natural ingredients have been added to help prevent these pesky problems!

Rejuv does not use estrogen which can be risky and damaging long-term ( see article The Truth about Estrogen: for the skin and vaginal area!), but uses the hormone precursor DHEA which has been studied by large pharmaceutical companies. We use it in a natural form that gets absorbed directly into the body and nourishes the tissues. We also added ingredients to aid circulation, reduce bacteria and yeast and some progesterone to aid the nerves connected to orgasm! What more can you ask for in a simple lubricant?

*Read more in the ReRejuventated E-book on this website or see to book a complimentary consultation to explain how to naturally balance your hormones.

Key Ingredients

Pomegranate oil and Elderberry Extract
Help to maintain optimal vaginal pH to prevent yeast infections and excessive urinary tract infections. (1) (2)

Aid in setting the mood with an aphrodisiac used for scent (soft vanilla-like aroma) and to mask any odors.

Damiana (Herb)
Aid in increasing circulation to the vaginal tissue to keep this area moist in order to generate optimal lubrication during sexual activity. (3)

Avocado oil and Squalene
Assist in keeping the vulva (vaginal lips and clitoris) moisturized to prevent dryness & chafing; fatty acids will aid healing/preventing of micro-tears that can occur from intercourse. (4)

Help promote integrity and thickness of the vaginal wall (all three layers) walls (5)

DHEA and Progesterone
Improve innervation/sensitivity of vaginal walls; protect nerves in vaginal walls (6) (7)

Possibly aid in the structural support of the vaginal walls to help prevent pelvic floor prolapses resulting in painful intercourse and incontinence (8)

Rejuv’s ingredients combine to provide a safe, gentle sexual lubricant* that will benefit the tissue as well as your partner.

Please note: Due to its oil content, Rejuv cannot be assured to be condom safe, nor has it been tested to assure it is condom safe.


References on Ingredients

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How / When To Use
  1. Between sexual encounters: See video on how to pump Rejuv into an easy-to-use applicator to be inserted into the vagina in the evening to coat the area and start the moisturizing and revitalizing process. This would be essential for women who are so dry that sexual intercourse is painful. Later, using Rejuv as a lubricant with your partner can serve as maintenance for the tissues.
  2. During sexual encounters, pump the desired amount (1-2 pumps) of Rejuv to be used on your partner.
  3. As a daily moisturizer if desired on the vulva and labia if these areas are dry.

NOTE: due to the natural oils, it is not recommended to use Rejuv with a condom as it may cause the breakdown of the condom material, making it less efficient.


100 grams in an airless pump bottle
(roughly 3-4 month depending on usage)

We want you to try both of these cutting-edge products
to feel the synergistic effect.


Rejuv Testimonials

“I love Rejuv and have recommended it to many patients. I feel it decreases pain and increases libido as well!”
Lynn Journey, physical therapist/pelvic floor specialist, Lancaster, Pa.

“I am addicted, it makes me feel like I am 20 years younger!” Lisa D

“Definite difference, increased comfort during intimacy!” Donna C

“I love the Rejuv! I began using it as a vaginal moisturizer and it brought that area back to life. Not only was intercourse no longer painful but it was actually enjoyable again. We also now use it as a lubricant and it was a game changer, I’m hooked! Jan C

“I have dry hands, dry eyes, dry everything. I was introduced to Rejuv as a solution to my excessive dryness “down there.” Almost immediately I found relief. I maintain comfort with minimal use of Rejuv in my nightly routine. No more itch, pain or embarrassment. Rejuv has been a life changer for me. Thank you!” I truly have found much relief from Rejuv! Susan V

“Less dryness and more comfortable during intimacy. Really feel a difference. Love it! Very pleased with the results and so is my husband! Kim R.

“I have been using the Rejuv for about two months now. After application I notice that my mood is happier. My vaginal dryness has decreased and I find the product very easy to use.” Jodi C, breast cancer survivor.

“I love Rejuv. I am on my 3rd bottle and now can use it just for sexual activity to maintain my vaginal tissues.”  Joanne H.

“I like using a product that is natural and can slow aging in this delicate area.” Regina S.

“Less dryness and more comfortable during intimacy. Really feel a difference. Love it! Very pleased with the results and so is my husband!” Courtney J

“Since I started using the Rejuv, it has helped me with issues around painful intercourse.   I am so happy with this product and thankful that I gave it a try!” Laura A.

“I have had pain during sexual intercourse for over 30 years, it all started back when I delivered my one and only daughter and unfortunately broke my tailbone and had to have a 4th degree episiotomy. I couldn’t have sex for almost a year and it was never the same.  I am in a wonderful relationship with my husband and since I have been using the Rejuv Cream, I noticed a difference within the 1st few applications.  It somehow made my vaginal tissue less sensitive and I didn’t have all the discomfort during intercourse.  I was always very sensitive and sore afterwards but noticed that has gone away too!!  So fortunate to have found this little miracle!”   Cheryl K.

For product questions & concerns, please contact me for more information

Feeling dry & a little dead down there?

What if there was a way to moisturize with an oil based cleanser that won’t throw off your pH, leaving you feeling soft, comfortable, and ready for intimacy?

We can help here, too!



Gently wash & “wake up”…

Introducing… Revive!

  • Cleanse gently without stripping
  • Maintain proper pH
  • Aid skin microbiome
  • Moisturize while washing
  • With a tingle that “wakes” you up before intimacy or anytime




It is just as important to care for your vulva (outside the vagina/clitoris, vaginal lips) for a satisfying sex life and to feel comfort in general. The vulva area can get dry, look aged, and even cause discomfort during sex. It’s easy to get your pH thrown off by using soap. Avoid this with your newgentle wash called Revive!


A much-needed healthier alternative to drying soap, which can strip the skin of its natural microbiome protection, causing discomfort and problems with intimacy.

Key Ingredients:


  1. Avocado oil
    An antioxidant and anti-inflammatory to aid with smooth, strong and elastic skin
  2. Jojoba oil
    An antioxidant known to hydrate, soften and smooth skin: balances natural oil production.
  3. Prickly pear oil
    An antioxidant, moisturizing essential fatty acid ( Omega 6 and 9) contains Vitamin E.
  4. Shea Butter
    Know to boost skin’s moisture, softens and hydrates; contains fatty acids (linoleic, oleic, palmitic and stearic acids) to improve skin’s natural barrier and protect from environmental damage.
  5. Inulin
    A natural prebiotic derived from chicory root or sugar cane.
  6. Hansenula/Kloeckera/Lactobacillus/Lactococcus/Leuconostoc/Pediococcus/Saccharomyces/Fig/Lemon ferment
    topical probiotics to protect skins barrier and feed its microbiome.
  7. Chitosan
    Derived from the outer skeleton of shellfish to maintain skin’s moisture, tone skin, treat acne, provide extracellular matrix support, promote skin’s natural barrier function
  8. Benzoin oil
    An essential oil for scent; cleans, prevents moisture loss, gets rid of harmful microbes
  9. Green Tea extract
    A potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial
  10. Aloe Vera extract
    A natural moisturizer, anti-inflammatory, non-irritating
  11. Peppermint
    An essential oil with antibacterial and anti-viral properties; provides a mild tingle on contact with the skin.


References on topical use of Prebiotics & Probiotics

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    Prebiotics are essentially foods consumed by probiotics. Probiotics are the good bacteria in and on the body that keep our bodies balanced and healthy inside and out.
    Skin care and medical experts consider probiotics fundamental to being healthy and youthful, and since prebiotics are the natural partner to probiotics, having both gives you the best of both worlds.”
    “The skin and the gut have something in common- microbiomes! As it turns out, the benefits of prebiotics and probiotics in our gut are also apparent when these ingredients are applied to skin.”(1)
    “Topical application of prebiotics impacts the skin differently than oral delivery through supplements or food. When we apply creams, serums or treatments with these ingredients, we can directly control the area where they get to work. This direct contact with skin is proven to enhance skin’s natural defenses by promoting the growth of beneficial and neutral microorganisms on the surface.”(1)
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  6. Topical Probiotics: More Than a Skin Deep
    “Topical probiotics have demonstrated beneficial effects for the treatment of certain inflammatory skin diseases such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis etc., and also found to have a promising role in wound healing.”
How / When To Use:

Pump 1-2 pumps on the fingers and gently massage into the vulva are and then move back through the anal region. Rinse lightly and pat dry. Please note that this Revive will not foam up like typical soaps and shampoos with a higher detrimental pH due to the moisturizing and oily ingredients.

Revive can be used weekly on the whole body to aid the strength of the microbiome. Apply with a sponge or fingers. Let’s sit for a minute, and then gently rinse off and pat dry. No moisturizer is needed afterward.


100 grams in an airless pump bottle
(6-8 week supply depending on usage)

We want you to try both of these cutting-edge products
to feel the synergistic effect.




For product questions & concerns, please contact me for more information


of women in their early twenties and thirties can experience vaginal dryness.


of women experience vaginal dryness by the time they get closer to menopause.


of women in America report they have some type of sexual problem.

Rejuv & Revive take care of this for you in 2 simple products!



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