A girl’s gotta know….when is she at her best for certain things so she can shine and feel confidant?

So this is your helpful hormone guide to WHEN* is best to do certain things. Let me first start with a quick overview of your monthly female cycle so you can put this in perspective.

*Based on day #1 being the day you start your cycle

Day 1 is when you start your period, which may last 3-7 days, commonly. At this time hormones fall and there is some sort of calm and with it, PMS relief. Then estrogen, the more excitatory hormone, starts to build very slowly from this point until it peaks at day 14. Day 14 is your time of ovulation, when estrogen also peaks, but also the calming balancing hormone, progesterone, also gets released for the corpus luteum (hole where the egg is released). This is why you feel so good, because both hormones are balanced and you feel a focused, calm yet excited at the same time. You want to do things and be active (as well as sexually active). This is a great time to start a project, have great sex, plan a vacation, etc.

The next week after this for most women is a time of feeling good (days 14-21), but as women age this week can start their PMS week! Typically, however, it is not until days 22-28 that women feel more moody, irritable, have cravings and bloat (lovely!). Arguments are started more easily, problems seem to arise in relationships or at the office, you can’t focus, and seem less motivated. This brings us back to day one when both estrogen and progestogens both fall and you feel some sort of calm relief.

The reason for PMS is that most women’s progesterone (the soothing and fat-burning hormone) does not stay high days 14-28 up until the period comes, like it should. Stress drains it away these last weeks, or even two weeks, leaving you “estrogen dominant.” This causes issues with mood, sleep, cravings, etc.

Below I take the above into consideration with a simple list of things you may want to do, and when the best time to do it is in your cycle.

The best TIME to…

#1 Start a DIET to Lose Weight

Day number 3 or 4 your cravings go way down and you feel your calmest and start to be able to focus again. Your estrogen (responsible for fat storing and fluid retention) is lowest making it an optimal time to start to really burn fat!


Anywhere from day 13-15 (right when you ovulate), your hormones will be peaking and you will feel the

most sexually attractive and respond with the most ease and intensity!

#3 Plan Your VACATION

Around the second to third week of your month (days 5-20) is best for a fun trip. Your bloat will be gone, your hormones are rising, but steady. So now your energy is peaked and your metabolism will be up (for the extra food and alcohol), and you will also be able to relax before your get into your PMS week (the week right before your period).

#4 Be CREATIVE for work or artistic projects

You are at your best creatively on days 12-16 of your cycle, right around ovulation, which is the time of possible ultimate creation (a baby). This really does affect how you focus and create while working on projects!

#5 To Settle an ARGUMENT

You’re calmest around days 5-7 when your cycle has just ended and hormone levels are low. The relief this brings with the lower estrogen is a less passionate time. This will allow you to think more rationally and see the other person’s perspective to be able to forgive and forget easier.

#6 To look good in your SWIMSUIT

Days 7-14 when your cycle is done and the bloat is gone due to your digestion/elimination now going back to normal. This also aids lymph drainage to reduce fluid retention (which will exacerbate cellulite).

#7 Start an EXERCISE program

You need high motivation and energy for this so days 10-20 of your cycle will be best. This is closer to your ovulation time when hormones are peaking and motivating brain chemicals (like dopamine) are more balanced as well!

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Then with NO HORMONE IMBALANCES or PMS, you will be FREE to do anything at ANY time!