Do you think you may have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?

How Natural Hormone Balancing can help!

Are you having trouble with:
• Losing stubborn weight
• Regulating your menstrual cycles
• PMS symptoms
• Menstrual pain
• Acne and Hirsutism (excess face/body hair)
• Insulin resistance

If you struggle with any of the above symptoms, you are not alone. There has been a steady rise in polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) amongst young girls and women in the last decade. Unfortunately, there has not been a clear treatment or solution for this condition by the medical community for women to help manage these symptoms. Typical medical prescriptions include the birth control pill to aid sex hormone imbalances and blood sugar medications such as Metformin to control insulin levels. Later when pregnancy is desired, stronger drugs like Clomid are used to induce ovulation. It is unclear whether insulin resistance is the origin of the hormone imbalance, that is the foundation for PCOS, or if stress causes the hormone imbalance coupled with the insulin resistance.

Hormonal Characteristics of a PCOS patient:
Lowered progesterone levels                                              Lowered estrogen levels often inhibiting ovulation
                                                  Elevated testosterone levels                                               Elevated insulin levels/ insulin resistance
                                                                                                       Elevated cortisol levels
This debate may not be solved any time soon; however, we know that the body needs to be balanced to allow sex and stress hormones to balance and for insulin and blood sugar to stabilize. The best approach to this condition is a multifaceted approach because it makes the most sense hormonally. There needs to be a stabilization of the blood sugar with a hormone balancing diet of whole foods. If this diet is lower calories it will bring about a ketogenic (fat burning ) state normally not reached with PCOS patients due to higher insulin levels. To ensure this happens, adding in natural homeopathic glandulars to support the adrenal gland and the stress response is needed. This will simultaneously, but gently, raise progesterone levels and provide the balance that is needed for weight loss to occur. When the hormone progesterone is raised, the normally lowered estrogen in PCOS women will often rise back to normal levels. This process often induces the absent ovulation needed in regulating the monthly menstrual cycle, allowing periods to be symptom free.
The combination of the low carbohydrate diet, some daily stress management practice, and natural hormone balancing supplements ( such as progesterone creams) for long-term maintenance allows for balancing of all the above hormonal characteristic of a typical woman with PCOS. Blood sugar will regulate within a few weeks and often menstrual cycles can regulate and symptoms ease in 1-2 cycles.
I have developed a protocol at BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers similar to what I described above. We have worked with thousands of women and have had great results with a large number of PCOS clients. You can call your local BeBalanced Center to get a complimentary consultation or go to for a free hormone assessment. This assessment and follow-up phone consultation will clearly explain PCOS and our non-medical approach of naturally balancing the body to eliminate the symptoms that go along with it.